Consider this ancient koan: 'What was the shape of your face before you were conceived?' These are all watōs. Perhaps! It
"We mustn't act as if it's all right to cast the LGBT community aside because they're a minority group," says priest at Japan's Shunkoin temple.
Step #1: Figure out what in life is worth having. People who lack a philosophy for living will, after all, make very little
Why don't we want to be alone with our thoughts? Presumably because it puts us face to face with someone we want desperately to avoid, namely, ourselves.
Zazen is traditionally practiced sitting on a zafu pillow or bench in cross-legged full lotus with erect posture of spine and zero slouching. Part of the traditional character of zen is that it can require mental and physical discipline.
From Flavorwire: Unfortunately, hundreds of great books come out every year to little or no critical attention, a fate that