Queer Voices
Jordan Gavaris, who's been out to his family since he was 19, says no one has ever asked him before.
In a time of great social strife and growing inequality and public outcry, it's no wonder Peter Joseph's work has gained more and more prominence in the counter-culture each year. Love him or hate him, Joseph continues to challenge the "zeitgeist", leading the charge towards a new society.
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The heart of Bonaparte's neo-modernist spirit of quantum entanglement is Tobias Jundt, a multimedia phenomenon birthed in a reunited Berlin, which has originated both the zeitgeist and the mythology of a 21st century modernism.
"Remaining cohesive among all brands starts by asking, What's the core brand idea you want to communicate?" PepsiCo's Brad Jakeman told AOLers gathered in the New York office last Friday afternoon.
They said it about Hicks, and they said it about Carlin: they were not only comedians, but great thinkers. They were cultural commentators, who just happen to pepper in some d**k jokes for good measure.
I realize that time is in short supply and heavy demand for all of us, but it's hard to think of a better investment of this precious resource than time spent learning about issues and experiences from a broad variety of perspectives.
After all, imagination and creativity can change the world. Edward de Bono gave a lecture to my class two years ago and warned us that the only problem with the world was that we stopped thinking and were looking for answers only via search engines.
Take The Burrard http://theburrard.com/ It's had a complete makeover but the biggest thing the new owners brought with them
Is this sexualization of the American zeitgeist a passing phase, or have we permanently discarded our puritan roots?
What a year. Felix Baumgartner's world-record jump, the protests in Syria and Greece, the 2012 Summer Olympics, the Mars
Mr. Akin with his one "wrong word" has given traction to the idea that in a traumatic sexual assault, pregnancy cannot be induced. That idea need only find a fertile environment to have a devastating effect on women's rights.
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From the women's locker room to the baseball stands, from grocery lines to airport gates... I've asked woman after woman what she thinks about this book's explosion into mainstream America.
What does it mean to be a monster, really, but to be possessed by an uncontrollable force?
Whether the ancient Mayans intended it or not, the end of their calendar coincides with a profound turning point in human civilization.
The Monterey International Pop Festival took place at such a guileless time that the promoters used the word "pop" in its title. Not long after this would have been unthinkable, after the lines were drawn between "pop" music and rock and roll.
The night after I saw Melancholia I had an awful dream. The dream, like the movie, featured a hitherto unknown planet, called Melancholia. Except, in my dream, the planet was Newt.
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#3-7 "Magic Mountain", "Catalina Island", "OC Fair", "LA County Fair", "Griffith Observatory" - Tired of employment, unemployment