Zeke Emanuel

While the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is at a record high approval rating, the latest Republican repeal proposal threatens one of its most popular provisions.
Remember Blockbuster? In its heyday -- which wasn't so long ago -- Blockbuster had 60,000 employees and 9,000 locations. For most Americans, for a minute anyway, it was the place to rent a movie.
Rather than thinking of 75 as the time to die, let us continue to re-imagine 21st century life where 75 is a robust time of engagement and work. Perhaps for many even just the start of yet another phase of life.
At 84, I am 10 years beyond Zeke's deadline, his drop-dead notice that I should have moved on. As I look closely at my own life, I have done much more good work in the last decade than ever before in my life.
In campaigning for the Affordable Care Act, President Obama famously promised that if you like your current health insurance, you can keep it. Republicans have had a field day with the relatively small number of cases where an insurance policy fails to meet the ACA's minimum standard and a consumer is asked to buy a better plan -- often at lower cost if the person is of modest income and qualifies for subsidies, but sometimes at higher cost. The administration insists that these cases are the exception. Now, however, comes one of the White House's own advisers who help craft the ACA -- saying not only won't many people get to keep their insurance but that Obamacare, over time, is likely to drive out employer-provided insurance altogether.
“Their story is theirs, not mine,” he says, in what is, ultimately the message of his book. “Parents give you a start, but
Zeke Emanuel, the oldest brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, offered simple advice to the Chicago Teachers Union Wednesday
The spirited interview, which aired on Friday, seems far from contentious. Williams mentioned that Ari did not enjoy when
"I think there is this issue of whether it violates your freedom to make you do things," Emanuel said. "I think, stated that
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