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Featuring MTV, smooches and Al Gore doing his version of the Macarena.
Featuring MTV, smooches and Al Gore doing the Macarena.
“I distinctly remember one guy saying, ‘This is ours. This flag is ours. It is our symbol and aren’t we entitled to something
Nunn, who's running against businessman David Perdue (R), tweeted her pleasure with the endorsement. In a new TV advertisement
Choice is hard. Life is hard. But Joe Miller has abandoned complexity in lieu of irresponsible soundbites. To make such a wildly inaccurate policy statement, purposefully and solely for short-term political gain, is a reprehensible breach of ethics and is beneath even the basement level of politics we associate with the modern day campaign.
He revealed he hopes to announce a presidential bid in late May at noon in front of Philadelphia's Independence Hall. He
As with all compound English words, since it is a new term, it will begin as two words: "moose poop." Later, it may go through
Obama has proven in the past that he has the ability to get his head out of the clouds and down onto the ground where elections are actually decided - but we need him there fast, before Team Bush/McCain's savvy and his own diffidence cause another surrender - and another Democratic defeat.