Zero tolerance

A government report found the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy caused serious mental health problems in detained children.
Thomas Homan said he considered assaulting a lawmaker who questioned whether he was racist.
The children came into the country before Trump's "zero tolerance" policy. Tens of thousands of files on immigrant children still need to be reviewed.
One year after Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy, HuffPost spoke to families who say their children are withdrawn, depressed and self-harming.
The parents haven't seen their children in months and are hoping the U.S. government will let them back into the country.
Officials repeatedly denied the accusation that they were “unprepared” in a House Judiciary Committee hearing.
It referred to the process of reuniting separated families as a "burden.”
Thousands more children were separated from their families than originally reported.
As Catholic bishops convene in Rome discuss how to minister to young people, survivors want to make sure their voices are heard.
The gay dating and social networking app kicked off its Kindr campaign this week.
This woman and her son drove 2,054 miles to the border. They're not leaving until they get some answers.
A migrant mother and her 7-year-old daughter had an emotional reunion nearly two months after they were separated at the border.
"Don't jail toddlers" seems like a pretty reasonable request.
Jeff Sessions wanted to have a laugh about the family separations his “zero tolerance” border policy enforced that tore children from their parents.
These parents say Trump's zero tolerance border policy has devastated their families.
Leaked audio and video shared with MSNBC features an adult cautioning child detainees.
The Department of Homeland Security says it will happily reunite migrant children separated from their parents... if they voluntarily agree to be deported.
"Mothers had no idea where their babies were," said California Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee after touring an immigrant detention center.