zero tolerance policy

Parents who were separated from their children under Trump's zero tolerance policy are hoping for a second shot at asylum.
The government is rushing to meet next week's deadline to reunite more than 2,500 children it took from their parents at the border.
Immigration lawyers say separated parents are too grief-stricken to focus on their cases.
Rep. Jayapal (D-Wash.) and hundreds of others were arrested while demonstrating against Trump’s zero tolerance policy.
Many of the children are so young they can’t even express their emotional and physical pain.
The Department of Health and Human Services wouldn't answer a PBS journalist's question.
Disease outbreaks and a lack of medical personnel await those imprisoned in Victorville, California.
Fox News has repeatedly tried to justify separating migrant families and putting unaccompanied children into detention centers.
"This is not my area of expertise," said the U.S. senator. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Two of my former students demonstrate the consequences of zero-tolerance discipline policies.
These policies have funnelled countless kids -- a disproportionate number of them black and Hispanic -- into the juvenile
Here's an idea for the adults who oversee our public schools: Let's stop beating up schoolchildren, pepper-spraying them, tossing them out of the classroom, and jailing them for doing the normal things kids do.
It would be easy to characterize Ahmed Mohamed's arrest as a "bizarre aberration." One could imagine chalking it up to "crazy Texas," or worse, victim blaming. We should avoid such decontexualizations that disregard the importance of Ahmed's arrest. It didn't happen in a vacuum.