zero waste

Over 3,100 companies globally have signed on to participate in Walmart's Project Gigaton™ to help prevent 1 billion tons of emissions by 2030. Here's how you can join the fight to Live Better Tomorrow.
This year, celebrate Climate Week by taking approachable steps toward sustainability, and discover more about Walmart’s goal to achieve zero waste in its U.S. and Canadian operations by 2025.
A coastal town in England achieved "plastic free" accreditation in 2017, since then over 100 other communities have done the same.
The coffee company will no longer provide disposable cups in some Bay Area locations in an effort to go zero waste by the end of 2020.
My plan was to cut my trash down to one garbage bag a month.
It's all part of SFO's plan to be completely zero-waste by 2021.
The Wally Shop delivers fresh produce and dry goods in cloth bags and glass jars.
This family business manages to create zero waste for any of their products. Check out how they manage to minimize their impact!