zhao liang

A wordless, impressionistic film documents China's unspooling environmental disasters.
Scenes from the city of Ordos, China's most infamous "ghost city," in director Zhao Liang's documentary "Behemoth."
Trucks raise clouds of dust in director Zhao Liang's documentary "Behemoth."
The inside of an iron smelting factory, as depicted in Zhao Liang's documentary "Behemoth."
It is greatly worthwhile to celebrate the notable movies of 2011 that took the risk of advocating for democratic freedom, the political principle that makes so much film artistry possible.
BEIJING -- The documentary film "Petition" by Zhao Liang is considered by many of its viewers to be a fearless work of art
When 27-year-old Zhao Liang walked into a clinic in rural China for treatment for a foot injury, the doctors surely received