HARDY was launched in response to the turbulent socio-political climate of 2016.
In 2016, the F-word is dirtier than ever, and sadly, "feminism" is even tougher to utter for some than it is to use the curse word. It seems these days, not only do women struggle with self-identifying as a feminist (I'm a feminist but...), but there are legions of anti-feminists.
In a Tumblr world, personal zines are still thriving.
"I bought this book in order to learn about Kraftwerk’s cycling team, but I never read it. Am saving it for a rainy day, though
New York has no shortage of hole in the wall gems. After all, one-of-a-kind finds are what most Brooklynites live for. So
Whether you consider yourself a Rebel Girl or you crave a raw approach to political writing, scroll through the images below
Quite often when I read mainstream American social science, I'm reminded as to how much I appreciate literature. This occurred to me again recently as I perused the latest issue of the zine called "Stupor."
HP: So you had always intended to make the film, but the exact moment was almost like fate? CS: It would seem so. He had
Zines are usually found at small, independent bookstores, but zinefests are a popular way to sell, swap and share resources. I chatted with co-organizer Elvis Bakaitis to find out more about the Feminist Zinefest.
Before there were blogs, zines were the greatest mode of self-published expression. If we're being loose with our interpretation