Zodiac Killer

The Texas senator wished his Twitter followers a "Happy Halloween" alongside a letter from the Zodiac Killer.
"We could finally have answers to one of the greatest whodunits of all time," a criminologist said.
Watching those dark stories is a desperate bid for control, but also a way to better grasp our world.
Serial killing and trophy hunting are terrifyingly similar. As wildlife researcher and author Gareth Patterson points out, both types of killers often immerse themselves in violent imagery.
If it bleeds, it leads is a truism of news coverage. We all sympathize with the victims of senseless violence, and their families, because we know that it could have been us, and our families. Yet, our world has never been less violent - except in news media and entertainment.
(CNN) -- A Louisiana man claims in a new book that his biological father was the notorious Zodiac Killer of northern California
New York Magazine reports that a memoir by a man who claims to be the son of the infamous "Zodiac Killer" will be released
A new book set to be released this week includes some shocking claims about a famous serial killer — but the people behind it have reportedly tried very hard to keep it a secret.
Not mentioned in the summary: Stewart, a vice-president at Delta Tech Service in Baton Rouge, alleges that his father was
So it's fitting that a list of the Bay Area's most haunted locations recently surfaced on Reddit. Lake Herman Road ranked
The killer was driven by jealousy over his wife's philandering, which put him on "a mission to redeem his shattered ego, to
Corey Starliper believes he has solved a cipher devised by the so-called "Zodiac Killer" that has remained unsolved for over