Zoe Kazan

Zoe Kazan recently opened up about sexual harassment she's experienced in the industry.
Head over to The Frisky to read the rest of the interview. With so many celebrities fumbling the definition of feminism lately
In Kazan's hands, she played as vulnerable and confused, but also a bit selfish. Daniel Radcliffe (Wallace) also put forth
Not to label it a leftover festival, but there is the sense that the movies in Tribeca have either already had their debut elsewhere or, more to the point, didn't have a debut elsewhere because they didn't make the cut. Still, I always enjoy the opportunity that Tribeca affords me as a critic and curator.
Cranston, just off of Breaking Bad relishes the duality of character. While there aren't many connections to draw between Walter White and Lyndon Johnson, both are tenacious in their pursuit of creating a meth empire and a more just society respectively.
"The Newsroom's" John Gallagher Jr. is staying within the HBO family, having scored a role in "Olive Kitteridge," the cable
Fraud, redemption, suicide, fear of failure, the ineluctable dance with death, alcoholism, and the addictive joy of creating art -- these are a few of the recurring themes in some of the highlights from this year's Tribeca Film Festival.
I don't want that. Nope, you don't. I've been really careful about washing my hands all day, but I literally coughed into
I'm only left to report that in one extraordinary week I saw both Clive and Moose Murders and am prepared in both instances to cry, "Murder most foul!" Which was worse? Please don't ask.
Neurosis hasn't seemed this adorably sane since Woody Allen. Clever, funny, expertly walking the line between arty and mainstream, Ruby Sparks is a lovable romantic comedy.
Dayton: It can't be a light exploration of it. We had to just go, "All right!" Faris: It's very frustrating that it takes
Writing a love letter to your sweetheart is no small feat, but writing a love letter to your city? That's even harder. How do you celebrate a metropolis like Los Angeles? If you're Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, you make a movie.
Ruby Sparks could be a tasty bit of magical realism in romantic-comedy form, the first produced screenplay by actress Zoe Kazan, who plays the title character. Except for one serious problem.
Did you give thought to writing it as a play, considering your background? I just saw it as a movie. Movies are told in pictures
As for Radcliffe's co-star, Kazan is having a bit of a moment herself. The actress plays the title character in "Ruby Sparks
Your confusion is understandable. Last month, Zoe Lister-Jones appeared in "Lola Versus," a film she co-wrote with her boyfriend
For me this film fails in its premise yet I hope Kazan keeps writing, but about more genuine subjects. She has talent that was spewed in Ruby Sparks, but her early draft should have been left in the trash,.
We recently chatted with Being Flynn and Little Miss Sunshine actor Paul Dano and couldn't resist asking him about his live-in relationship with fellow indie dreamboat actress Zoe Kazan.