zombie cells

From monsters living in our bodies to real-life "zombie" cells, this week's science news has a peculiar sci-fi/horror twist
Researchers in New Mexico say they've created zombie cells -- near-perfect replicas of mammalian cells that can perform many of the same functions despite the fact that they're not actually alive. But instead of pursuing and eating people as sci-fi zombies often do, these experimental cells may someday do our bidding -- finding use in commercial applications ranging from sensors to catalysts to fuel cells.
HuffPost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria runs down the Top 5 stories on the Science vertical in rapid-fire fashion.
Biological researchers in New Mexico have created dead 'zombie' cells in the lab. They survive greater pressures & temperatures than the original cells did when alive. We are joined by Jason Townson, Noor Tagouri, Raymond Griffith and Roger Fierro.
Think the only zombies out there are the ones you see in science fiction movies? And like the lumbering zombies dreamed up