Fenn, who was only 6 months old, apparently hit his head on a gate after being frightened by a nearby giraffe.
Images of the animals standing upright caused some to wonder what was going on at the Hangzhou Zoo.
Stuart the zebra was “exploring, running and chasing the impalas” in the zoo’s Impala Plains habitat when the tragedy occurred.
The Andean bear will be traveling from the St. Louis Zoo to a Texas zoo equipped with a moat.
Dallas Zoo officials say they've found a missing clouded leopard after a daylong search.
Kucheza and his mom, Mahale, had charmed the world with their love-filled reunion after he was born.
Caged lions are nothing new at most zoos - but what about caged humans? Well Monarto Zoo in Australia is doing just that in order to allow visitors to get up close and personal with the big cats.
Experts are angry about an Alberta zoo's video of a bear being hand fed ice cream at Dairy Queen.
This zoo’s flamboyance of flamingoes just got bigger - with the arrival of fourteen of these super cute babies.
Some advocates say Happy the elephant should be legally considered a person, and freed from the Bronx Zoo, where she has spent the last 45 years.