Veondre Avery was charged with negligent manslaughter and unsafe storage of a firearm following the death of Shamaya Lynn in Altamonte Springs, Florida.
Natalie Morales and Mark Duplass have managed to make a moving film about a profound friendship that develops entirely over screens.
Shamaya Lynn, 21, "fell backward and never returned to the call," an online witness reportedly told police in Altamonte Springs, Florida.
"What do we do now with all the grief that never had its proper chance to be shared in person?"
"The first month, I was like, this is really funny. Then it’d be like, oh, I’m still wearing this," she told Inside Edition.
We've been using Zoom wrong all this time: Off-camera meetings have an advantage over video meetings, research finds.
A Ohio state senator used a virtual backdrop to hide that he was driving during a meeting, but his unconvincing home office background and his seatbelt easily gave it away.
Just because you *can* make your meeting background look like your office while you go on a drive, doesn't mean you should.
“You can just pretend like your mic doesn’t work" if you can't answer a question, a fifth grader in Yorktown, Virginia, told the president and first lady on Monday.
"I haven't tried skydiving but I imagine the rush is like joining a zoom meeting with your camera already on."
Carol Brown, 67, was in a video conference when someone on the call reported seeing the attack on her and her brother, Kenneth Preston, 69, authorities said.
Etiquette experts share faux pas to avoid in virtual meetings.
“I’m in an operating room right now,” Dr. Scott Green told a California courtroom. The presiding judge wasn't having it.
"At least you’re not a cat," someone told Minnesota Republican Tom Emmer as he struggled to remove the flipping filter.
Attorney Rod Ponton's technical snafu led to an exchange with the judge that can only be described as "kitty funny."
Experts confirm Zoom fatigue is a thing – but there's a solution for 2021.
"We need less hyper partisanship on backgrounds at this time for our country," said Bush as his party tries to pull the rug out from under the election.
You're certainly not alone if your child has interrupted your video conference to say something funny, cute or strange.
Zoom gatherings require a whole new kind of etiquette. Whether you’re hosting or attending, here are expert tips to relieve everyone's anxiety.