I walk into Zumba class and immediately feel old. The women are my daughter's age, they look revved up and, as they would say, 'super' excited about this 'amazing' class.
When I turned 7, my mom hired me a personal trainer. Her name was Mary, and she had a small white car. We met three times
Beauty lies within life’s unexpected combinations; and what music is to fitness, flavor is to eating well. Curate Snacks
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The Girl Who Is Clearly Dancing to Another Song I think it's mean to say that someone has absolutely no rhythm, so we'll
I was after that runner's high. Every runner knows the feeling. It's when you're one with the wind and despite how long you've been on a run, you feel no pain... only pure joy.
She's so much more coordinated than we are.
Today I took my first Zumba class. A sea of 35 eager participants was getting psyched up when the tiny teacher began the music. Latin groove and dancing beats only want to make you move your feet.
It's easy to call me a fitness fanatic bride and be done with it. But losing all that weight was never my goal -- and I didn't "do it for the wedding." I just did it for me.
Attract and serve unexpected allies with different talents and life and work experiences and you are more likely to gain insights that lead to your greater success - and theirs.