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I walk into Zumba class and immediately feel old. The women are my daughter's age, they look revved up and, as they would say, 'super' excited about this 'amazing' class.
For dads who "aren't afraid to shake it."
And of course at first I did it to lose weight, but now it's so much more. It's my time to care about myself, to prove that
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Under the impression that yoga must be practiced in complete silence? Think again. Rebecca Russell-Turner, co-founder of
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The Sexy Seductress This girl could take or leave the actual cardio aspect of the class, but she absolutely nails every hip
I was after that runner's high. Every runner knows the feeling. It's when you're one with the wind and despite how long you've been on a run, you feel no pain... only pure joy.
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She's so much more coordinated than we are.
Today I took my first Zumba class. A sea of 35 eager participants was getting psyched up when the tiny teacher began the music. Latin groove and dancing beats only want to make you move your feet.
It's easy to call me a fitness fanatic bride and be done with it. But losing all that weight was never my goal -- and I didn't "do it for the wedding." I just did it for me.
Attract and serve unexpected allies with different talents and life and work experiences and you are more likely to gain insights that lead to your greater success - and theirs.
Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon really know to bust a move. In honor of the fifth anniversary of FLOTUS' Let's Move campaign
“Obviously, we can dance when we like the music that comes along with Zumba,” Romero said in Spanish, relaxing on an aerobics
Suddenly the music stops, and I stumble from the dank classroom, shaking and sweating from parts of me that I didn't even know could sweat. Seated on the lounge couch, I marvel that I survived the ordeal. Try again next week, my fellow Zumba classmates urge me. It gets easier with time.
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Kajal is the mastermind behind Doonya's Bollywood dance workout curriculum and fitness formula. Kajal is certified by the American Council of Exercise, and has a lifetime's worth of training in South Asian pop and classical dance forms, as well as years of training in hip-hop and jazz.
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Last Saturday the Greater Washington Region of the American Heart Association hosted its 11th Annual DC Heart Walk on the National Mall.
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