Guitarist Billy Gibbons and drummer Frank Beard issued a statement on social media on Wednesday, but did not mention his cause of death.
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According to Jason Achilles Mezilis... "I was on an indie film shoot about a year ago playing a low rent gangster or something
Most people know William Frederick "Billy" Gibbons as the sunglasses-wearing, bearded guitarist in the band ZZ Top. This born & bred "Sharp Dressed" Texan recently spun his signature rock and blues into something a little bit different -- something you may never have expected.
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Top (pronounced [zɪː zɪː top]) is an American rock band that formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The band comprises guitarist
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The press release I received referred to Mosehn Namjoo as "the Iranian Bob Dylan." Part of me reacted with "huh?" but after a bit of consideration, I read on, and decided to check him out.
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