In the new documentary, the famed Puerto Rican astrologer narrates the story of his life, fame and disappearance from the spotlight.
Dr. Michael Drake will be the first person of color to lead the major university system in its 152-year history.
One 27-year-old vacationer, Corey Hannon, proclaimed on social media that he was recovering from COVID-19 while hitting the surf.
"I miss my friends but also absolutely do not remember who they are or what they look like."
Black Muslims are often overlooked in conversations about Islam, and Afro-Arabs are rendered invisible in the discourse of Arab politics and culture.
On Thursday, three people filed a complaint on behalf of current, former and prospective Facebook employees detailing alleged discrimination at the company.
Turning Breonna Taylor into a meme risks turning the conversation around what justice looks like for her into a temporary fad.
The holiday has renewed urgency as we march for justice and demand that freedom finally rings true for Black Americans.
Jackson, who died in 2005, was the space agency's first Black female engineer.
The director also talks about the climactic finale, Kerry Washington stepping in as director and fans' tweets.