Human rights activists said the legislation, if approved, would expose queer people to greater discrimination across the country.
"The Bachelor, but everyone eliminated is taken out Willy Wonka style."
The White House has named nominees for the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board, which will reexamine unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era.
The racial abuse Smith witnessed when mom Jada Pinkett Smith brought her on tour with her band, Wicked Wisdom, made the singer scared to pursue rock.
The homeowner’s solution is so brilliant that a photo of it quickly went viral.
The fast-food chain alluded to its competitor's history of anti-LGBTQ contributions when it launched its new Ch'King chicken sandwich last week.
Confections, a shop in Lufkin, rolled in the dough after haters showed their poor taste.
Working with the Street Vendor Project during COVID-19, food truck and pushcart owners give back while also getting paid.
Lt. John Clary of the Louisiana State Police denied the existence of his own body camera video for nearly two years until it emerged just last month.
Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church was largely destroyed in 1921 after a white mob burned, killed, looted and leveleld a 35-square-block area.