"Imagine ur reading a breakup text on ur Apple Watch lol."
Attacks on Asian Americans have spiked in the California Bay Area and nationwide since last year.
Years of white rage over nonwhite attempts to vote have given Black progressives an incomparable view of right-wing extremism and the nation’s ability to reject it.
The Pulitzer-winning journalist said efforts to censor the project, which examines American racism since 1619, are about "trying to prohibit the teaching of ideas they don’t like."
“I know a con game when I see it," the civil rights activist said of police holding on to footage of the North Carolina shooting.
"Dr. Pepper is a woman but y’all not ready for that conversation yet"
Our project highlighting people who are leading the way forward in the face of trauma and fear in Asian communities across America.
Organizations like the Asian Mental Health Collective are starting crucial dialogues about mental health while amplifying Asian American voices.
Catherine Shieh teaches people over Zoom how to support and comfort victims during harassment attacks.
In California’s Bay Area, organizers are fighting for Asian Americans to feel safe — from hate crimes and racism, but also from climate change, the housing crisis and more.