Asian Voices

"I confront a stream of anxiety-inducing trigger statements every time I log on, a sudden feeling of impotence and voicelessness."
Trump and his campaign have waged a war on the election system, relying heavily on baseless allegations of fraud in cities with large Black and brown communities.
After four years of the most anti-woman president in recent history, repealing the global gag rule is just the start for the Biden administration.
Families like the Salems are eager to see if the Biden administration will follow through on promises to help separated families and refugees.
Black and brown survivors are more likely than white survivors to face financial insecurity right now, putting them in an even more vulnerable position.
At least 17 new Republican women are joining Congress. But some advocates are grappling with greater gender parity at the cost of actual gender equality.
The overall number of hate crimes also rose to a 10-year high, even as fewer law enforcement agencies bothered to report their statistics.
The outgoing president retweeted a supporter who called his opponents "anti-American and anti-Christian" following an underwhelming protest in Washington.
Ogawa Studios plans to make 25,000 Biden masks by end of the year, but its remaining Trump masks are being relegated to the bottom of the company’s product line.
The president-elect reiterated his pledge of 125,000 slots for refugees seeking to resettle in the U.S., striking a very different tone from Trump.