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Jeremy Theron Smith, 36, was arrested early Tuesday and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in the May 11 shooting.
Asian-founded brands Cocokind, Glow Recipe, Mount Lai and more have created a box of their (discounted!) best sellers.
The suspected shooter is a Chinese American man believed to have targeted the Taiwanese community.
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“It helped me feel that there's a connection, a foundational connection. This unspoken togetherness.” Korean Americans share how their families have grown closer through K-pop group BTS.
HuffPost senior culture reporter Marina Fang describes "teaching" pop culture to herself — and eventually turning it into a career.
A viral Twitter thread revealed the knowledge gap on sex, periods and more -- even though many male legislators are acting to regulate women's bodies.
The four-time Grand Slam singles tennis champ already got an inquiry from an NBA star.
"Each cheongsam figures prominently in my power-up wardrobe, making a conscious statement about my heritage, my culture, my visibility and my pride."