Black Voices

His reelection campaign has not rejected or returned campaign contributions from multiple well-known far-right bigots, FEC records show.
Rachel Maddow charged that the president was "trying to intimidate" the White House correspondent in the days leading up to the debate.
Courts ended legal segregation long ago, but Jim Crow language remains preserved in Alabama's lengthy constitution.
She will be held in a juvenile detention facility until she's 21, with probation afterward.
The "Love, Simon" star recalls Rustin's 1953 arrest in a clip from the new docuseries, which showcases unsung trailblazers of queer history.
Laughter, happiness and more are on display in Part Three of our virtual art exhibit featuring groundbreaking Black creators.
Native Americans endured racism, oppression and new diseases brought by the European settlers -- a history that can't be ignored, some descendants say.
"While most presidents are only known for one big scandal, Donald Trump has truly changed the game," correspondent Roy Wood Jr. said.
After a disaster of a first debate, Welker kept Donald Trump in check and asked tough questions of both candidates.
The president also referred to himself as the "least racist person" in the room and said he'd done more for Black people than any president since Abraham Lincoln.