Black Voices

It’s the one thing “mysteriously absent from their vocabulary,” said “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” correspondent Roy Wood Jr.
This author is educating the public on the importance of including Black people in research on long-haul COVID-19.
The drama, which Netflix deemed its "biggest series ever," is about to get even bigger.
"Everybody calm down," the "CNN Tonight" anchor said in a video clarifying his on-air comments.
Veterans reflect on the mission that America ignored — and that many of them are still paying for.
The couple, who are already parents, made the announcement on Instagram.
Kevin Stitt was taken off the panel a week after he signed a bill outlawing the teaching of some race and racism concepts in public schools.
President Biden met with "Dreamers" at the White House to speak about the need for permanent protections for undocumented immigrants.
"The Handmaid's Tale" actor said some people were "very confused" about the name choice.
The actors have joined "The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder" as adoptive parents of a young activist, played by Keke Palmer. It's due out in 2022.