Latino Voices

President Biden met with "Dreamers" at the White House to speak about the need for permanent protections for undocumented immigrants.
The AG said it was “past time” for the community to “get some answers” on the shooting death of the 22-year-old Latino man by Vallejo police last year.
"When you ban my book, you’re telling me that a child like mine doesn’t belong in your schools or your communities."
Eyeshadow shields, redness-canceling moisturizer and cat-eye eyeliner stamps are here to save the day.
Over 120 retired generals and admirals signed on to a letter falsely claiming the 2020 election was stolen in a move other veterans say erodes democratic norms.
The former New York Yankees star is said to be upset over his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez reportedly dating Ben Affleck again.
The new law, which could remove tens of thousands of people from the state’s Permanent Early Voting List, is the latest Republican effort to restrict the vote.
Shaun Donovan and Ray McGuire drastically underestimated the cost of housing in Brooklyn during interviews with The New York Times editorial board.
Women of color are bearing the brunt of job losses right now — and even when they choose to leave, it isn't really a choice.
The vast majority of Democrats want to put a pay hike in the pandemic relief bill. All the evidence is in their favor.