Latino Voices

"They show that age alone is not an insurmountable barrier to excellence in physical activities."
Josh Hawley says it is "an investment in love" to teach children a whitewashed version of U.S. history that doesn't include racism.
Millions of Americans face being forced from their homes with the midnight Saturday expiration of a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic.
The Justice Department is suing to block GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order restricting who can transport migrants, calling it “dangerous and unlawful.”
"Dreamer" Luis Grijalva qualified to run for his native Guatemala. But if he left the U.S. for Tokyo, he wasn't going to be allowed to return.
The 26-year-old Latino father died in police custody in Alameda, California, on April 19.
Lawmakers in Florida and West Virginia advanced anti-transgender legislation during the president's hour-long speech to Congress on Wednesday night.
Police shootings and the pandemic have created added anxiety and pressure on kids of color. Here's one way parents can help.
The administration announced it was formally raising the cap to 62,500 for the remainder of this fiscal year after blowback last month.
Republican Ron DeSantis signed into law legislation that significantly restricts voter access to mail-in ballots and drop boxes.