Latino Voices

The "Hustlers" star also opened up about putting plans for a summer wedding to Alex Rodriguez on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic.
It becomes Latin America's sixth country to make marriage equality the law of the land.
With many Americans vulnerable to fascist ideologies during the pandemic, the study warns, Facebook could be fertile ground for recruitment.
The "Colors of the World" line aims to promote representation and acceptance.
South America’s biggest nation is following the U.S. playbook on dismissing the coronavirus threat — and using it to force through an unpopular agenda.
The use of the standardized tests in college applications has long been criticized as favoring wealthier, white students.
The 24-hour marathon reading, organized by clergy and community activists, seeks to humanize COVID-19's death toll.
The president's tweets show that he sees voter suppression as a vital tool in his reelection campaign.
Whether it’s asking for strength to face a tough day or courage to demand justice, a study shows many Americans are leaning on this ancient practice.
That year was the height of stop-and-frisk in New York when nearly 700,000 people, more than half of them Black, were stopped by police.