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Nearly every major religion has an important holiday in April — which means it will be a month of surreal new changes for American believers.
The small business bailout bill openly excludes legal sex workers including strippers, porn performers, directors, producers, sex toy manufacturers and more.
"We are literally being put up against a wall and making a choice between life and death, between working and eating or not working and not eating."
Because policies are changing by the minute — and many parents' birth plans have been upended by COVID-19.
The economic and social upheaval caused by COVID-19 is prompting bishops to relax a Lenten rule.
He is suspected of protecting organized crime and aiding the attack.
The disability community is educating the public with the hashtag #YouMightBeAbleistIf.
A spokesman said the Anti-Defamation League will aid in Holocaust-related training after cadets were fired for making a Nazi salute.
Trainees and staffers with a state agency gave the salute in a class photo, saying they were honoring an instructor.
The committee will attempt to root all political gestures out of the 2020 Games in Tokyo.
Donald Trump is launching "Evangelicals for Trump” at a Miami megachurch on Friday, days after Christianity Today denounced him in an editorial.
The Democratic hopeful let go of his presidential aspirations for now.
I wake up each morning petrified about who or what he might encounter, and I go to sleep thanking God he returned to me and our daughter.
The number of female characters in box office hits reached a “recent historic high,” according to an annual study, but women of color are making fewer gains.
The satirical Porta dos Fundos show doesn't have the "magic power" to undermine an over 2,000-year-old religion, Brazil's Supreme Court president wrote.
Some are concerned about tourism dropping to the island, much like it did after Hurricane Maria in 2017.
Much of the island went without power in the aftermath of a 6.4 magnitude quake early Tuesday.
The Argentine actor returns to the NYC concert stage after a year of personal milestones, including a viral speech in which he opened up about his sexuality.
Silvio Horta, the show's creator, left a better vision of prosperity for new generations of Latinos in the character of Betty Suarez.
Welcoming the stranger is an "essential" part of Catholicism, they told Gov. Greg Abbott, who is Catholic.