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The 74-year-old guitar legend blamed the episode on forgetting to eat or drink water.
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The Lenape people were driven out of our homeland in the northeast U.S. Here's what it was like to go back.
"Sending friends tweets I think they might like is the same thing as those crows that leave little gifts of bottle caps and string"
"This is the time to get in the fight, and it starts on a local level," the actor said.
The administration has ruled out the most drastic steps, arguing it's being as bold as the law allows.
A company spokesperson said the offer was copy/pasted from a similar offer in White Plains, New York -- but only the word "Plains" was deleted.
HuffPost talked to four writers behind stories centering LGBTQ+ youth of color about why on-screen representation is essential to queer joy.
Abortion is set to become illegal in at least 22 states now that Roe v. Wade has fallen — and people seeking care will have to go somewhere.