"For me, I lost my virginity while I was asleep, and that's not OK."
The Stanford professor and author of The Asshole Survival Guide explains how we get confused—and why we need to end certain relationships. (Yes, he uses the a-word, but his points are scarily good.)
Some symptoms like gum redness, puffiness and bleeding could have surprisingly little to do with your oral hygiene.
The author of We Need to Talk reveals how she learned to help -- and not help -- a friend with loss.
"I tried to leave five times," she admits.
"It's he or she who's willing to be the most uncomfortable can rise strong," says Brené Brown.
One of them has a very real physical consequence, says researcher Brené Brown.
Stage 3 is when you're really ready for the transformation, says Tony Robbins.
It's a twist on chicken and waffles.
The comedian's father and stepmom asked her to move out of the house because they worried about her influence on her stepsisters.
"I thought, 'What are the coincidences of me speaking the last Sunday of his life?'"
Regret is an important teacher, says Brené Brown.
"My oncologist said, 'You are out of the baby-making business.'"
"He was doing a lot of sneaky things behind my back."
The big surprise was just HOW accurate it would be.
"There goes that pushy cookie..."
If you're forced to make this choice, she says, don't choose the marriage.
"A lot of people think, 'Did Nicki write you a check for $1 million?'" he says. "No. That's not how it happened."
One of them is wildly underrated, says scientific journalist Daniel Goleman.