The televangelist peers into the future and it gets really dark in a hurry.
Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu leaders prayed for a universally available COVID-19 vaccine during a service in Rome.
Over 70 years after losing track of her friend, Ruth Brandspiegel heard Israel Eisenberg's name announced during a virtual synagogue service.
The house of worship is being closed for six months after it shared a Facebook video that expressed anger towards Samuel Paty before his death.
Jerushah Duford is calling out evangelical leaders who have stayed silent while Trump pursued policies that contradict the core tenets of Christianity.
"Growing up, I was taught to understand 'the Good Book" the way an originalist understands the Constitution, and I now know how dangerous that approach can be."
Wehner warns that evangelicals will pay a huge price for their blind loyalty to the president.
It's the second time since March that someone living in the Santa Marta residence has tested positive for the coronavirus.
The new bipartisan PAC Not Our Faith says Trump is not getting their support this time.
Trump is still the top choice for most white Christian voters, a new Pew Research Center survey suggests. But there's been a slight dip in support since August.