The Denver Post editorial board slammed the conspiracy theory-endorsing Colorado Republican as "clearly incapable of remorse or reflection."
After Omar was called “the jihad squad,” GOP leaders are told: “Condemning this should not be a partisan issue. This is about our basic humanity.”
Michel Aupetit, who has led the Paris church since 2018, sent a letter to Pope Francis offering to resign following a report in Le Point magazine.
The abducted members who were taken hostage in October are "in good spirits and being cared for," Christian Aid Ministries announced Sunday.
The gathering is a direct rebuke to Kevin Gough, the defense attorney who argued last week that Black pastors were intimidating the jury.
The Colorado Republican spewed anti-Muslim bigotry while defending GOP Rep. Paul Gosar for an anime depicting him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Republican senators have refused to allow Syed to get a committee vote to be deputy administrator for the Small Business Administration.
His recent series for Fox Nation, “Patriot Purge,” is setting the stage for something even worse than the attack on the Capitol.
Trump's former national security adviser called for the nation to have a single religion.
The comedian promoted her "Santa Inc." comedy series and worked in some funny one-liners about the true meaning of the holiday.
If her next bid is successful, Allam would join Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib as the third Muslim woman in Congress.
Next week, the justices will consider whether the government can hide behind a "state secrets" defense when asked to answer for its post-9/11 spying.
The network is "reviewing" a now-deleted tweet by reporter Emerald Robinson claiming COVID shots contain a "bioluminescent marker called Luciferase."
Syed would be the highest-ranking Muslim official in the Biden administration if confirmed, but GOP senators are refusing to even show up for the vote.
A little rain didn’t stop it from being a beautiful day at Rollins College in Florida as school officials unveiled a sculpture honoring the beloved children’s TV host.
Some U.S. bishops have said Biden, a devout Catholic, should be denied Communion due to his support of abortion rights.
Genetic testing has confirmed that two male chicks hatched in 2001 and 2009 from unfertilized eggs were related to their mothers. Neither was related to a male.
Satanic Delco's leader characterized the Pennsylvania district's ban on all attire "satanic in nature" as discriminatory and unconstitutional.
Matthew Purse was one of the most malevolent characters in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. The horrifying extent of his extremism has gone unreported, until now.