The pope has courted some criticism for declining to wear a mask when indoors, even though Vatican regulations call for masks indoors and out when social distancing cannot be guaranteed.
The multi-faith group called on public officials to commit to a peaceful transition of power or continuation of leadership based on legitimate election results.
The Nobel Prize-winning songwriter also revealed that Barbra Streisand was the lady in his 1969 hit, "Lay Lady Lay."
Women disrupted services and offered protest cards instead of donations in defiance of a new law that bans abortions due to fetal defects.
Washington D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who was among those named, will become the first Black U.S. prelate to earn the coveted red cap.
His reelection campaign has not rejected or returned campaign contributions from multiple well-known far-right bigots, FEC records show.
Native Americans endured racism, oppression and new diseases brought by the European settlers -- a history that can't be ignored, some descendants say.
She will be held in a juvenile detention facility until she's 21, with probation afterward.
The prominent evangelical writer John Piper said he is baffled by Christians who can't see that a “self-absorbed, self-exalting” leader is dangerous.
Though doctrine hasn't changed, queer U.S. Catholics say the pope's endorsement could be crucial in countries where same-sex relationships aren't recognized.