If confirmed at the Small Business Administration, Dilawar Syed would be the highest-ranking Muslim administration official in history.
Kenneth Copeland served on Donald Trump's evangelical advisory panel in 2016.
In Utah, where the church is based, a summer surge of the virus among unvaccinated residents has continued to grow while vaccination rates have slightly increased.
The centuries-old structure is finally stable and secure enough for artisans to start rebuilding it, the government agency overseeing the reconstruction said.
The practice is likely to grow following President Biden’s sweeping new vaccine mandates.
“It’s a bit strange, because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,” the Pontiff said.
Pope Francis said Wednesday that Catholic bishops must minister to politicians who back abortion with “compassion and tenderness.”
Members of the mosque asked the judge on Monday to impose a life sentence, describing their shock and terror at the attack.
"Totally normal stuff," scoffed the anti-Trump group Meidas Touch.
"While anti-abortion lawmakers often cloak their positions in Christian faith, S.B. 8 is theologically unsound."