Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) is under fire once again after two Supreme Court judges she supported voted in favor of an anti-abortion bill in Louisiana.
Instead of robot umps, the Supreme Court's leader wants conservatives to adjust to his strike zone.
Abortion rights advocates have accused the states of political opportunism by using the pandemic to advance anti-abortion policies.
The chief justice issued a rare rebuke of a sitting lawmaker after the senator issued a warning as the Supreme Court considers a major abortion case.
The Rev. Richard Bucci declares that Rhode Island lawmakers who backed an abortion rights bill can't serve as godparents.
Americans have a wide-ranging set of concerns, with notable divides along party lines.
The brief is in response to June Medical Services v. Gee, a Louisiana abortion case the Supreme Court is set to hear soon.
The House speaker and Hillary Clinton both made powerful addresses at the NARAL Pro-Choice America 50th anniversary dinner.
A new report cites fewer women becoming pregnant for the decline, likely because of increased accessibility of contraception.
The law required doctors to tell patients they could reverse their "medicated abortion" if they acted quickly and underwent what a judge called "unproven medical treatment."