The House speaker and Hillary Clinton both made powerful addresses at the NARAL Pro-Choice America 50th anniversary dinner.
A new report cites fewer women becoming pregnant for the decline, likely because of increased accessibility of contraception.
The law required doctors to tell patients they could reverse their "medicated abortion" if they acted quickly and underwent what a judge called "unproven medical treatment."
"There is a human right here to be defended," said Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who sees the internet as a way around America's most restrictive anti-abortion laws.
The campaign aims to raise awareness about abortion restrictions as it seeks to gather 500,000 online signatures to mark the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
The state law, on hold since 2015, prohibits abortion by the dilation and evacuation, or D&E, method.
An old interview unearthed by CNN highlights the presidential hopeful's shaky record on reproductive rights.
Shelley O’Brien, a grandmother of seven and manager of the Yale Hotel, has welcomed "sisters" in need to stay at the inn for free.
Now, he’s just discarding his position in exactly the same way Al Gore did.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, who just signed a harsh anti-abortion law, is holding a fundraiser for Jim Hood, a Mississippi gubernatorial candidate.
Republican state Sen. Renee Unterman, who shepherded the abortion ban through her chamber, said Thursday she's running in Georgia's 7th District.
The Hyde Amendment prohibits federal health insurance programs from covering abortions except in cases of rape, incest or risk to the woman's life.
The former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner is catching flak for supporting a prohibition on federal funding for abortions.
The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said that "women are expected to support choice simply because we're women."
Julie Burkhart, who worked with the Kansas doctor, opens up about the state of reproductive rights and her biggest fears.
The Democratic governor is the latest to sign a "fetal heartbeat" bill.
The so-called fetal heartbeat bill now goes to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards for his signature.
Alabama’s abortion ban animated Democrats, but Trump and other Republicans seeking re-election have distanced themselves from it.
"It's the right thing to do," said the South Bend, Indiana, mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful.
The fight over reproductive rights comes at a moment when Democratic women are really feeling their power.