Acceptance & Inclusion

The singer told fans on Monday that they "are not defined by any one choice or thing. time heals and nothing is finite," in a note posted on social media.
'Swatting' refers to a form of online harassment in which the perpetrator falsely reports a crime in order to send armed police to someone’s house.
The social media giant previously told Vox's Carlos Maza that "deeply offensive" opinions don't violate its anti-harassment policies.
Instagram accounts that “expose” female influencers’ digital retouching strive to empower women. In reality, they’re hotbeds for sexist vitriol.
Critics call out the first lady for marking the first anniversary of her anti-bullying campaign without addressing the president's behavior.
The first lady's program has generated perpetual mockery because of the cyberbully-in-chief.
Parents can choose from a variety of tools for developing good study and social habits.
The first lady appeared to take a page from Donald Trump's social media playbook.
The first lady has been ridiculed for her stand, she said at a conference -- a week after President Trump berated black women journalists for doing their jobs.
The first lady's anti-bullying campaign becomes the comedian's latest Trump family takedown.
These practical steps can minimize a child’s odds of involvement in bullying and cyberbullying.
Rachel Hundley's campaign was actually galvanized by the gross threat.
"I hope you realize that you’re married to the poster boy of cyberbullying."
First lady Melania Trump is speaking out against cyberbullying as part of her “Be Best”campaign.
The first lady's focus on the issue has long been the source of mockery, given her husband’s frequent Twitter attacks.
"First workshop: When is it okay to refer to a black woman as a dog?"
The anonymity of the internet combined with a lack of legal repercussions empowers trolls to enact violence online and off.
A "13 Reason Why" star and Gomez's fans quickly came to her defense.
Filmmaker slams "manbabies" after actress wipes her Instagram posts.
"The Daily Show" analyzed how President Donald Trump's tweets stacked up against his wife's goal of promoting safety online.