Aging Gracefully

It can be a slow and sometimes frustrating process, but the reward is a dye-free, easy-care style that’s more reflective of the real you.
When you've been conditioned to believe that gray hair and wrinkles decrease your value in society, how do you adjust your perception? Experts weigh in.
"I’d like to say that I am embracing this milestone birthday with boundless grace and gratitude. But honestly? I’m dragging my heels more than a little bit."
Experts share the products you should use across different decades and life changes, from your 20s to your 80s.
Nutrient-dense meal kits and grocery delivery options for older folks with dietary restrictions and mobility issues.
"Worrying about aging, I soon realized, was stealing my youth. I was losing time, money, confidence and energy to it."
Supplements and topicals claim to prevent or even recolor the natural pigment of your hair, but here's what experts say.
"By the time I was 50, I no longer had to put everyone in front of me."
While the claims sounds impressive, the actual science behind this buzzy ingredient doesn't back them up.
You may have a pretty good understanding of how a face lift works, but a hand lift is an entirely different matter.