Aimee Copeland

The 25-year-old Gwinnett County, Ga., resident was on a vacation with friends last May when she fell while zip lining and
After celebrating her sixteenth birthday in the hospital, the varsity athlete was released in time for last Friday's homecoming
And that positive attitude (the music lover mouthed along and danced to Bob Marley's "This Is Love" during one commercial
Her family has begun preparations for her return home by revamping their house to better fit Aimee’s needs. The Copelands
Surgeons in the Intensive Care Unit were forced to remove a watermelon-sized section of her torso that had been destroyed
“Speaking of daylight, Aimee got a huge dose of it yesterday. For the first time in 49 days, Aimee got up in a wheelchair
As the trophy wife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara is known for making people
The Georgia student, 24, originally refused pain medications due in part to her personal convictions and graduate-school
As Aimee sat in a chair, a country music artist, Corey Durkin, played a song he wrote for her, entitled "Southern Belle" Andy
The Georgia graduate student who is battling a vicious flesh-eating infection continues to astound doctors with her progress
She's showing small signs of recovery, but faces even more surgeries due to the necrotizing fasciitis that has already taken
According to the Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation, NF is a bacterial infection that, "gets into the body, quickly reproduces
Correction: An earlier version of the story stated that Copeland's leg was amputated in Carrollton. She was airlifted to