American University

Breshna Musazai earned her diploma after surviving a Taliban attack.
Taylor Dumpson, an African-American, says the neo-Nazi publisher directed his readers to harass her.
Wishing rape on anyone -- even a serial sexual abuser -- is unacceptable.
On the night of Sept. 26, shortly after historian Ibram Kendi introduced American University’s new Antiracist Research and
Potentially serious side effects for popular medications are more common than you may think.
It's only the latest in a frightening nationwide trend.
The noose was discovered hanging from a lamp post outside the National Gallery of Art.
You don’t need to believe in hate speech to say unequivocally that whoever hung nooses on our campus lost their right to be at American University.
Bigotry hits the university again just after students elected their first black female president.
The weight of the blame belongs with those groups that seriously and credibly threatened violence if Coulter spoke.