One teammate referred to a woman as “a walking STD” and another as a “meat slab.”
Colonial military commander Lord Jeffery Amherst advocated smallpox warfare against Native Americans.
Our small towns are vibrant hubs for innovation and creative collaborations because we all need to pull together to tackle community issues.
I saw many of my peers finding their own places in football, academic clubs, and the arts. They all seemed content, and I made it my mission to find my own comfortable niche at Lawrenceville as I had at my previous school.
The toll of the incidents have caused Gardner to develop post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Gardner, the sole financial provider to a heavily autistic son, has since been placed on an involuntary un-paid medical leave.
by Kyndall Ashe "We're leaving." I was determined to save Tempo, fighting what seemed to be the inevitable end of our group
The power of insight lives in its ability to grow outside of the normative places where we expect to foster revelations, such
Individual fraternities vary about as widely as humans do. As with any organization, it depends on who is in them, particularly their leaders.
Well, I can jump too. I nervously hop and throw on a tough face, subconsciously (or maybe not) imitating him. However, I lack that little secret he seems to hold which bolsters his confidence. Welcome to my first high school wrestling match.
Forbes calculated their rankings working with the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. "We're not all that
If Amherst finds Doe not responsible for the alleged assault, he'll receive his degree. It's unclear what sanction he faces
Doe states in his suit that he was informed he couldn't receive a degree until a misconduct board hearing took place. Then
According to the Spectrum, some houses at UB forced underage pledges to drink, doused pledges with hot sauce and spray paint
The crisis of sexual assault on campus is very real, but likely not what you understand it to be. Some parents have conveniently brushed-off what has tragically escalated to a weekly flow of news stories about a rape at this college or that college.
To fully eradicate the frighteningly common issue of sexual assault, we must change the rape culture of our society. We cannot stop a crime whose focus is the degradation and objectification of women if we don't stop the problem at its root and eliminate the current attitude toward women.