Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Hams follows the curing process from a 1700s family will. According to their website
Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish are often used interchangeably. Is that accurate? How is this culture of cooking relevant in
Compiling our report presented us with TV's perpetual problem in covering Amish-centered stories, since the community resolutely operates a ban on their members appearing on camera. But we do get to see and hear first-hand evidence of the principled Amish way of life -- via the deeply appreciative eyes of an outsider.
Many of us have heard of the "suddenly Jewish" phenomenon when someone raised as a gentile discovers their Jewish heritage
Kingdom Come is the most classic cozy/procedural mystery I've ever written, but I've always had an affinity for mysteries
An Amish minister who said his conscience bothered him contacted Kentucky police Sunday and allegedly confessed to poisoning his wife nine years ago.
I ponder who these two girls will become. Their futures are very different in some ways, with one existing in a world of ever increasing technology and the other rooted firmly in a culture that sees little appeal in technology. In their own ways, they will both succeed; of that, I am certain.
From making her first dress at 9 years old to getting kicked out of a strict Amish community and paving her way in the fashion industry, 'Breaking Amish' and 'Return to Amish' reality star Kate Stoltz has proven that she has a strong will to succeed.