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“And THAT’S That!” brings the latest Black news and culture to the forefront with lively and smart kitchen-table conversations about politics, entertainment and everything in between.

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"And THAT'S That" hosts Taryn Finley, Shaquille Romblay and Ja’han Jones discuss Black women leading the charge during times of crisis, and what true appreciation looks like.
Host Shaquille Romblay talks to the founder of For The Gworls about the importance of declaring “Black Trans Lives Matter.”
Henderson, who has worked on "Moesha," "Family Matters" and "Soul Food," sat down with HuffPost to discuss her journey in Hollywood.
The hosts of HuffPost's "And THAT'S That!" podcast sit down with Fishback, who stars alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield in the highly anticipated film about Fred Hampton.
The hosts of HuffPost's "And THAT's That!" podcast speak with the screenwriter and producer about her hit TV shows and her new Netflix deal.
Journalist and culture critic Ivie Ani joins the hosts of HuffPost's "And That's That!" podcast to discuss the controversial song.
Let's talk about life after inauguration and how the Biden-Harris administration must lead following the white supremacist insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.


The hosts spoke with author and wellness consultant Alex Elle about how to stay mentally grounded after an eventful year.
The hosts spoke with author and TV host Zerlina Maxwell about the importance of identity and the future of Biden's presidency.
The hosts interview We Buy Black CEO Shareef Abdul-Malik about what it means to buy Black amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist discusses "The 1619 Project," as well as education equality in the age of coronavirus.
Therapist Nicola Pierre-Smith joins the hosts to chat about how to protect your mental health as states prepare to lock down this winter to curb the coronavirus.
Special guest co-host Phil Lewis joins the gang to break down the 2020 election and the latest in cultural news.