Anita Hill

Hill said she doesn’t believe Biden’s handling of her sexual harassment claims against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “has disqualified him."
The law professor delivered the commencement speech at the private women's liberal arts college on Friday.
Her opinion piece in The New York Times takes a swipe at Joe Biden but also lashes a system that is still failing to take sexual harassment and assault seriously.
Her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, faces renewed scrutiny over the issue as a 2020 presidential candidate.
After numerous apology attempts, the 2020 Democratic contender finally took personal responsibility for Hill's mistreatment during a 1991 Senate hearing.
Biden keeps getting hit for his response about the Anita Hill hearings, and Jeb Bush stumbled over the Iraq War. Both of them should've seen it coming.
Hill has said the former vice president's comments have been insufficient, calling them "sort of an ‘I’m sorry if you were offended.’”
“I’m sorry she was treated the way she was treated,” Biden said, once again not recognizing his role in how she was treated.
Caitlyn Caruso said the potential 2020 candidate’s alleged inappropriate behavior isn’t what should disqualify him from running, but his record on Anita Hill and other issues.
Biden was once able to sidestep his role in the Clarence Thomas hearings. Now, with Me Too and a potential presidential run, that’s no longer an option.
Joe Biden revealed the regrets he has over how he handled questioning Anita Hill during the confirmation hearing on eventual Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
"I wish I could have done something," Biden said Tuesday while reflecting on Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court confirmation hearings.
She made her first public comments since Kavanaugh's confirmation vote, almost exactly 27 years after her landmark Senate testimony against Clarence Thomas.
Republicans used Anita Hill's FBI interview to discredit her.
Hill reflected on Ford's testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
History will remember Blasey as one of the great women who paved the way for future generations.
Christine Blasey Ford’s emotional testimony had Hollywood saying, “We believe you.”
Republicans defending Brett Kavanaugh are using the same playbook they deployed against Anita Hill.
As seen in the Senate's treatment of Christine Blasey Ford, women are still having to bear the burden to prove they're telling the truth about powerful men.