The Republican-backed legislation seeks to legally define sex based solely on reproductive biology.
"The simple truth is this: We just want to live. Is that so much to ask?" Pulse survivor Brandon Wolf asked legislators.
The man was accused of posting anti-trans messages and making violent threats in comments under the dictionary website’s definition for “female.”
Co-CEO Ted Sarandos said he should have addressed employees with "more humanity," but didn't regret the decision to air the special.
Confections, a shop in Lufkin, rolled in the dough after haters showed their poor taste.
The eldest Kardashian chatted with Pastors Chad and Julia Veach of Zoe Church -- which has refused to be clear about its stance on LGBTQ equality.
Eight video creators say that have been unfairly targeted and demonetized by YouTube.
The fast-food company has continued to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBTQ groups despite backlash.
The school discriminates against LGBTQ people in its job application and says LGBTQ kids aren't welcome, HuffPost has discovered.