CNN host Jake Tapper won’t put up with fake news.
My two sessions focused on the essence of covering religion, the research involved, the fieldwork, the critical thinking
The canvas reads: "This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language."
Ten young Palestinian diplomats recently sharpened their media skills in Turin/Torino, as part of a program to prepare them
"I didn't know speaking in foreign languages was against airline regulations."
Like many people suspended thousands of feet in the air, often my first act after getting comfortable in my seat on a plane is to utter a brief prayer, asking God for protection on my journey. This prayer happens to be in Arabic
You must feel sorry for the Egyptian reporter on International Women's Day whose questions to Leonardo DiCaprio about his first Oscar earned her international infamy for a shoddy job of journalism.
There is a famous folk story in Punjabi which still a lot of old people from rural areas recall. This is situated in the
Academics, media professionals and experts met this week to push for a course on safety for journalists as a coalition of concerned stakeholders urged U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to uphold a pledge he made last year to defend their security.
"One project is organic farming, an eco village, schools, and a clinic in Egypt, and endeavors in Jordan, Sudan, Tunisia
"It is outrageous to believe she is trying to convert anyone to Islam."
If somebody is trying to use a marker to marginalize the vulnerable, it is time to undermine the marginalization by appropriating the marker for the multitude. That's why we should all speak a little Arabic on the plane today.