Over one-third of young adults said they are atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular," according to a report from the American Enterprise Institute.
A federal court previously granted his "IM GOD" license plate request as a matter of free speech.
Since I’ve cut God out of my life, I have so much more room for everyone else.
Oregon's biggest city is the second in the U.S. to extend nondiscrimination protections to nonreligious people.
Only one member of Congress identifies as "religiously unaffiliated.” The overwhelming majority say they're Christian.
For atheists, humanists, Satanists and other secular folk, Christmas is a season for political activism.
The “Late Show" host said his 20-something self turned back to God one cold night in Chicago.
But only 10 percent say they don't believe in any spiritual force.
A sobbing child told the pontiff his dead father was a good man, but he wondered if a nonbeliever could be in heaven.
The group hopes the "Lighthouse" will inspire people of all faiths -- and no faith.
How far are the leaders of the religious right are willing to go in their support of President Trump?
  On his Senate campaign website, Roy Moore says, “Religious liberty is the civil rights issue of our time.” But when Roy
A church member met with me recently to discuss her worries about her teenage son leaving behind his Christian faith. “He’s
Imagining universal love and world peace can be a pretty scary thing. Just ask a conservative. Nearly a half century after