The Trump administration is behaving in ways that will imperil American children for years to come.
The Baha’i Era began 174 years ago, in 1844 CE, when the Bab announced His mission to a young Shaykhi named Mulla Husayn
Washington should act on behalf of people facing death and destruction at the hands determined killers.
While for me, equipped with my US passport, traveling for reasons either spiritual or secular is a relatively easy choice
Yet, "every time I turn my gaze to Thine earth, I am made to recognize the evidences of Thy power and the tokens of Thy bounty
However, the status of Christmas is a minor issue for the Islamist radicals committing murder and mayhem in the Middle East
The Baha'i writings explain: Over the past decades, these houses of worship have been raised in every continent. Particularly
The Bahá'í community of Santiago, Chile prepared a memorable dedication allowing each believer the opportunity to walk the
I realize that two years of marriage hardly makes me an expert. But here's my inexpert suggestion for how you can contribute to building a more unified world: if you're seeking a spouse, consider getting to know people unlike you.
"You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women." These are reputed to be among the last
No one should for a single moment seek to indict or stigmatize an entire faith. That would be irresponsible, inaccurate, and dangerous in the extreme. All responsible people and institutions, including AJC, must make this point again and again. Our core values demand no less.
A profession that centers around the production of words, as many academic vocations do, should benefit people through those
The Islamic Republic of Iran is facing a big problem. As a matter of fact, the problem is so big that the Iranian leadership and State media cannot stop talking about it.
The Middle East has turned hostile to Christians and other religious minorities. The Iraqi Christian community has been devastated. Syria's civil war loosed the murderous Islamic State on Christians and others. Libya's disintegration opened the nation to IS fighters bent on killing anyone of the wrong faith.
Recently, my husband and I sat spellbound by The Prophet, a gorgeous film adaptation of the 1923 book of poems by Kahlil Gibran.
Israel celebrates its 68th Day of Independence this week. Let me put my cards on the table. I'm not dispassionate when it comes to Israel. Quite the contrary.