The British actor acknowledged feeling “disappointed” in having to address his sexuality last year after being accused of "queerbaiting."
"The biggest question for me was what did this mean about my sexuality? What did that mean for me and Ella? Would we break up?"
"In the past, when lovers expressed their interest in going down on me, I’d let it happen even though it wasn’t what I wanted."
Openly gay rugby league star Keegan Hirst was among men who turned up to donate at what campaigners called an ‘illegal blood bank’. Setup by campaigners FreedomToDonate at a secret location in London, the blood drive was to protest a three month deferral period for gay and bisexual men who want to give blood. The blood will not enter the national supply but represents the campaign's hope that in future blood like this could be used to save lives.
The 2009 horror film stars Megan Fox as a possessed high schooler who kills off her male classmates.
Writer and actor Charles Gould says "Flex," which debuts next week, reflects the experience of someone who has had "their identity questioned their whole life."
Conservatives were ridiculed for objecting to the sexual orientation of a comic book character.
Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent, who has inherited the Superman mantle, will kiss a male friend in an upcoming issue.
"I had no idea what a mixed-orientation marriage was ... until I suddenly found myself in one."
"I realized there was an entire group of people who still loved Jesus and practiced Christianity, yet did not believe homosexuality was a sin."