Black Hair

Check out their favorite conditioning, cleansing and styling products for textured hair that they use on their clients and themselves.
Whether at work or outside it, Black people face a struggle no one should have to.
Grocery stores and pharmacies don't carry the products tied to our physical and mental health.
These vloggers have amazing DIY videos for natural hair, styling braids and locs, installing wigs and much more.
Every Black hair journey is personal.
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Not all stylists are trained to do Black hair, which has created segregation in salons.
"I’d be lying if I said my hair doesn’t come with baggage that feels like it’s literally weighing me down."
Three on-air anchors recounted their experiences at news networks, which aren't always accepting of Black women's natural hair.
Jade Williams shares her challenges of having natural hair in the modeling industry.
Ten women share exactly how much time and money they spend on their hair care annually.