Black History Month 2021

A North Carolina branch of the hotel chain will host a Sons of Confederate Veterans gathering, even after a racial justice group expressed concerns.
South Carolina’s long been called “the Black primary,” but HuffPost spoke to residents of Columbia who are approaching the election with views and values as diverse as America itself.
Storytellers need to ask themselves whether they are bolstering a stereotype or moving the conversation forward.
Soul food has evolved in American food culture to become classic comfort food that's being reimagined from its difficult past.
The card from OneUnited Bank shows the legendary abolitionist making a cross-armed gesture that clearly has multiple meanings.
"The many ways I chose to wear my hair had everything to do with my navigating my racial identity as a mixed girl struggling to find where she fit in."
These 15 hairstyles highlight the richness of Black beauty and expression.
Duchess “Charity” Quamino, Cleora Butler, Cuffy Cockroach and more innovators who paved the way for Black cooks in America.