Black Lives Matter

The "Hustlers" star previously addressed claims her show was canceled because of her activism with the Black Lives Matter movement.
The Ferguson unrest and the work of protesters laid the groundwork for the current movement, even if many white Americans didn’t listen until now.
State Rep. Sean Roberts criticized the protest, saying the Black Lives Matter movement is linked to "Marxism" and efforts to "destroy nuclear families."
Fox News host rips into the former president's eulogy for civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.
President Trump and Gov. Kate Brown clashed again after she announced a "phased withdrawal" of federal agents from Portland.
Federal officers will be leaving Portland, Oregon, after weeks of violent clashes with anti-racism protesters.
The former vice president's slate of policy proposals would benefit Black people, but not directly.
People were protesting peacefully before federal forces used tear gas to clear them from the square before Trump's photo shoot, Maj. Adam DeMarco said.
A federal law enforcement agent assaulted former Army medic Mike Hastie and shoved him out of the way.
The victim has been identified by his mother as Garrett Foster.