Black Lives Matter

It has long been controversial for officers to shoot at moving vehicles, and banning the practice hasn't always worked.
The court concluded that the officer convicted of killing George Floyd is ineligible for a public defender to represent him in his appeal.
The actor told GQ: “I’m not saying we shouldn’t defund the police. I’m saying, just don’t say that, because then people who would help you won’t.”
A Missouri official asked the state Supreme Court to suspend the law licenses of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who threatened Black Lives Matter marchers.
The "Pose" star said taking part in the star-studded event was "cognitive dissonance" as a Black Lives Matter protest took place outside.
After officers ripped Young from her car, the National Fraternal Order of Police used her toddler for propaganda, her lawyers say.
Sir Ken Olisa, the first Black Lord-Lieutenant for London, said race is a "hot conversation topic" in the royal household.
A federal appeals court upheld his conviction and death sentence for the racist slayings of nine members of a Black South Carolina congregation.
The complaint says Home Depot management threatened workers with "unspecified consequences" for wearing BLM slogans on their uniforms.
Political activists are increasingly targeting nonpartisan school boards. What's it doing to our kids?