Black Lives Matter

A Georgia jury convicted Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan in the killing of the 25-year-old Black man in February 2020.
Prosecutors presented their closing arguments Monday in the trial of the three white men charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery.
The shooter has been photographed flashing the "white power" sign while posing with Proud Boys.
Kevin Gough, a lawyer for one of the men charged in the case, also unsuccessfully moved for a mistrial because of "Black pastors matter" shirts he spotted at the courthouse.
Jurors delivered the verdict after several days of deliberations. Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two, at a protest in Wisconsin last year.
The defendant acknowledged that Arbery, the Black man he and his father shot and killed, was not armed, though he claims Arbery struck him.
Attorneys for the government denied that Henry “Enrique” Tarrio has been mistreated, singled out or denied his rights while serving a five-month sentence.
Black Lives Matter organizer Melina Abdullah wasn't listed by name as the target, but the street she lives on is said to be the location of two of the incidents.
A Georgia police officer said he would have warned Arbery about walking into the construction site if they had made contact before the 25-year-old was killed.
Prosecutors played recorded testimony from the owner of a neighborhood construction site that undercut some arguments the defendants have offered.
Opinions about Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen on trial for murder following last year's protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are predictably split across party lines.
In tapes dating to July 2019, Gregory and Travis McMichael made accusations about theft and trespassing in their Georgia neighborhood.
Gregory McMichael and the other defendants are claiming self-defense, but shifting stories on the day of the fatal shooting might damage their argument.
The jury learned about Arbery’s final moments on Monday, including what the three men on trial for murder said as they pursued him.
Three white men chased and gunned down the Black 25-year-old while he was out for a run in Brunswick, Georgia, last year.
In the city where George Floyd was murdered by police last year, the measure called for local police to be replaced with a new department of public safety.
“Like moths to a flame, tourists from outside our community were drawn to the chaos here in Kenosha,” prosecutor Thomas Binger said during opening statements.
"This POC author was actually a blond white woman who didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with her act of brownface."
Progressive activists and lawmakers are calling for the Senate to reject the disgraced former Chicago mayor's nomination as envoy to Japan.
It has long been controversial for officers to shoot at moving vehicles, and banning the practice hasn't always worked.