Black Teen Profiles

Meagan Good, Megan Thee Stallion, Roy Wood Jr. and other Black stars have some words of wisdom for today’s youth.
HuffPost talked to several Black teens about the issues that matter to them most. They’re creating their own rules in a society with systems that have failed them time and time again.
The 17-year-old basketball player wants to start his own sports agency to fight fairly for athletes.
The college freshman found his roots in his religious faith, and it has kept him centered as he witnessed the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 and has navigated the pandemic for two years.
The 17-year-old has seen how important it is to educate about race and racism.
The 15-year-old is challenging perceptions and striking up difficult conversations at her mostly white high school.
The 15-year-old is the founder of Lemonerdy, a virtual learning tool on YouTube she uses to teach people how to code, cook and more.
The high school senior isn't one-dimensional — he plays soccer and runs track, is part of multiple clubs and the proud son of an immigrant father.
The pandemic has been an uphill battle for the high school junior in more ways than one inside and outside of her home.
The high school junior has made mental health a priority after the pandemic — and she's found community in the organization Bridge Builders.