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Anyone who has been a parent or caregiver knows the value of patience. Anyone who has tried to teach a youngster how to play a musical instrument knows the value of patience.
7. They don't think about how relationships affect their motivation. If you've got a strong support network, you're less
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I pulled several books from the shelves to gather ideas on how to adjust mindset, modify behaviors and change the environment before counting your first calorie or forgoing your first dessert.
For more on weight loss, click here. No stranger to dieting, Oprah has spoken publicly about her weight on numerous occasions
By Jené Luciani for It's very rare that you hear of a relationship lasting nearly two decades, especially when
When it was time for the call, I dialed in, introduced myself to the group, and waited patiently to speak with Bob. I was
Learn more about his approach to each -- plus a fifth pillar to consider -- in the interview below. “Through the years I’ve
When Elvis fell off a toilet and straight into rock'n'roll heaven, I was the reporter the paper called to drive up to Memphis to cover it. But I didn't want to go.
People are dying, literally, to have their health care providers help them with the emotional stamina needed to live well with diabetes.
Robert W. Greene, a pioneering investigative reporter and editor who helped Newsday twice win the Pulitzer Prize for Public