Body Positivity

"When I read that Chrissy Teigen recently had her breast implants removed, I was inspired to google images of my own tits."
Diet culture creates a toxic relationship with food and exercise. This advice can help you break free from it all.
How many more times are we going to congratulate a woman for being thin?
More anxiety, social media and alone time during the coronavirus pandemic can take a toll on your body image.
Lotions, gels and other products ranging from $12 to $125 claim to reduce the appearance of dimples and waves. Experts weigh in on what actually helps.
"I became excruciatingly aware that my obsession with Ashton’s looks was about something much deeper."
The 18-year-old singer addressed “assumptions about people based on their size” in a speech to kick off her world tour.
The "Cuz I Love You" singer celebrated Blackness and body positivity during her speech on stage at the ceremony held in Pasadena, California.
The model and body positivity icon recently posted the stunning shot after giving birth to a son in January.
"When I’m out in public now, I notice the looks I get from strangers, most of which seem to say 'Yikes! WTF!'”