Border Patrol

Ana Suda and Martha “Mimi” Hernandez, both U.S. citizens, said their constitutional rights were violated when they were detained in the parking lot outside a store for 40 minutes.
From the Muslim ban to the family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump’s harsh immigration policies have made it harder and more expensive to immigrate or seek asylum in America.
"'Oh, what about the children that were separated?’ Give me a f**king break,” the first lady said in a secret July 2018 recording.
The screening operations have been held at select airports since January.
At a packed rally, Trump once again claimed that Mexico is paying for his border wall, even though U.S. taxpayers have been footing the bill for almost four years.
The president’s family denies knowing anything about the scheme, but a HuffPost investigation reveals close ties.
Brian Kolfage flaunted the vessel in the Trump “Boat Parade.”
Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, has been indicted in connection with an online scheme to fund a border wall.
The former Trump campaign executive was arrested Thursday morning. A grand jury said he used donated funds to cover personal expenses.
Trump visited Arizona to tout 212 miles of new fence — but only three were built where there was previously no barrier.