Breast Implants

After my boob job, I stopped merely tolerating my chest and started to love it.
Women with implants "have a very low but increased risk" of developing a type of lymphoma.
He had good intentions, but his forensic skills were sorely lacking.
I had an appointment with a dermatologist, and as it had turned out, practically every one of them in this vain town is also a self-proclaimed wizard in plastic surgery. 'Oh, this will be fun', I thought, 'I know exactly what will happen.'
It was a story with a bit of irony, as well as ominous health warnings. There are also plenty of articles and blogs advising
Rather than dwell on what might be taken away, I should be embracing everything I have now.
Almost 20 years later, Zembic still has them -- mostly because, as a part of the original terms of the wager, he gets an
Airport officials became suspicious after they found fresh operation scars on her chest during a search.
The second doctor I interviewed with got the removal job because he did not insist on dual reconstructive surgery - the first
I never felt my breasts defined me or who I was as a woman. Rather, my breasts were a part of me. Losing my breasts has been a brutal process, but having the opportunity to honor that part of me in advance has helped me to move forward.
Her doctor increased her implant size from a 650cc to a 800cc.
Supermodel Giselle Bundchen made headlines recently not because she was named spokesperson for a new clothing line, or because of her husband Tom Brady's recent football cheating scandal, but because she had a little work done!