Michelle Sutherland was recreating Virginia’s state flag, which features a goddess' exposed breast, when she was arrested for indecent exposure.
The prosthetics were an homage to "Total Recall," the designer told HuffPost.
The already growing sense I had of my own disappearing act as a soon-to-be-middle-aged woman was now compounded further still.
"I don't know why we're supposed to be ashamed of them!"
"Females baring their breasts is seen by society as unpalatable," says city attorney.
But Ocean City's mayor is vowing to fight back.
They turn the naked female breast into something "disorderly or dangerous."
Model in the Victory Run Black Bra. Image courtesy of Sweaty Betty Cooper's Ligaments diagram. Image courtesy of Sweaty Betty
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Today is Friday morning, and the second morning in a row now that I'm grabby. Of course I don't mean GRABBY -- I mean CRABBY, and it pisses me off that I wrote grabby instead of crabby, because it shows how out of it I am that I can't even type a word correctly as I say it in my head.