Brock Turner

Ford paid tribute to the "Know My Name" author and sexual assault survivor for a Time magazine feature on 100 rising stars.
The woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner in 2015 shared her wisdom with fellow survivors in a Glamour essay.
Miller, known for years only as Emily Doe in the Stanford sexual assault case, has written a memoir that lays bare the complicated truths about survivorhood.
"I Am With You" explores the trauma of living through such a public trial and sentencing.
“So, you’re saying that I just put aside a year and a half of my life so he could go to county jail for three months?” Miller told CBS News.
Aaron Persky, the judge who infamously sentenced Turner to six months for sexual assault, recently lost his new job at Lynbrook High in California.
The school was apparently unaware of the former judge’s involvement in the controversial sexual assault case.
Brock Turner’s Victim Reveals Name, Chanel Miller
Chanel Miller, known only as Emily Doe for years, read her emotional impact statement in a teaser for her first public interview on “60 Minutes.”
Chanel Miller's victim impact statement went viral when Turner was sentenced to only six months in jail.
The woman sexually assaulted by Brock Turner, known only as Emily Doe, will publish her memoir with Viking Books in September 2019.
The school has been in the spotlight since the 2016 Brock Turner rape case.
His lawyer argued that Turner only wanted “outercourse” ― sexual contact while fully clothed ― not intercourse with the unconscious victim.
Brock Turner’s lawyer is trying to get his client’s assault conviction against an unconscious woman overturned.
Attorney Eric Multhaup argued in an appellate court on Tuesday that Turner never intended to rape his victim.
Judge Aaron Persky, who gave Brock Turner only six months in jail on three felony sexual assault charges, has been recalled and removed from his seat.
Persky will be removed from the bench four years before his term was set to end.
People who were angry about Judge Aaron Persky’s short sentence for Brock Turner took action, and now Judge Persky will face a recall vote.
Turner served just three months of a six-month jail sentence.