Living In The Black

"As educators, rather than raising your voices over the rustling of our chains, take them off."
It's true-the face of the young, celebrated, modern-day black feminist is light skinned, or biracial. Think Amandla Stenberg, Willow Smith, and Zendaya Coleman. It's also true that it's been the the aesthetic of popular black feminists in the past. Think Angela Davis and bell hooks.
Drinking water at the schools had been contaminated with lead.
In his last days, he was a truth seeker. And for him, the truth came in many times, in persons with the bluest of eyes and whitest of skin. He embraced his past racist words and lambasted the use of sweeping statements as an indictment against any race. He learned so that we could learn.
"Patriarchy and racism means I'm less likely to be thought the doctor, so that allows me to hide in the open."
The National Urban League released a report that gives a detailed look at the conditions of African Americans today.