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I do not know Sybrina Fulton. Nor can I claim to understand the depth of her pain. Yet, we share a deep connection. You see, Ms. Fulton is living my nightmare. A constant worry that has lingered in the back of my mind since the birth of my eldest son, some sixteen years ago.
My apologies to Shakespeare, but there's something rotten in State College, Pennsylvania. There are some powerful men walking
"I wanna see this topic become popular," said Shante. "I want it to be popular, to where it's on TV, to where it's talked
"Top Chef" co-host Padma Lakshmi also shares her story, alongside dozens of women, including Anika, an African-American women
That so many have -- and in the process downloaded and trafficked in illegal child pornography -- speaks volumes about how society thinks about Black girls. For that reason alone, Amber Cole is my daughter.
How much is too much to give your children? Often, in assisting one's children, a parent dulls the character, integrity, work ethic, and socialization skills their children need to become responsible adults.
Being a dad rocks. It's almost like children are hard-wired to know that you go to mom for the emotional support and you go to dad for the mayhem and amusement.
I'm a wife, mother of a toddler, full-time employee, runner and a CrossFitter. I'm also currently training for my first ultramarathon. Through it all, I still maintain that the majority of us can find the time to exercise if we have the desire and we are flexible. Here's how I do it.
Many parents seem hugely conflicted about whether to go cold turkey and draw a hard line. The dirty little secret in our house is that we allow our three children, ages 8, 11 and 14, to watch TV. But we've set some hard and firm rules for which they must abide.
While the little ones might be a bit young to indulge in classic black Halloween flicks like "Blacula," "A Vampire in Brooklyn
But the concerns raised are even more relevant today. Screens are everywhere and 90 percent of kids two-years and younger
The premise of Elementz Hip-Hop is deceptively simple: if you provide urban youth access to studio equipment, art teachers, and mentors, they can choose creative outlets over criminal ones, and ultimately live fuller, richer lives.
Beyond photo exhibitions, Messeroux published a coffee table book and 2012 calendars and is working on a T-shirt line. "I
African culture is an oral culture but modernity has given us ways to document our stories and heritage. This is why I was so excited to see and share Arit's Fables, a series of animated African fables for children.
Weeks ago, I attempted the famed and necessary baby registry. Famed, because everyone tells me I need a registry and necessary, because no one can afford all the crap that these stores insist is supposed to be basic.
Upon learning of the inevitable arrival of a child into my life, I was faced with having to give up that which I considered priceless: my time. Now that I'm a father with some years on me, I can barely remember what I was doing with all the time I had as a single, kid-free man.
Attention mini fashionistas and fashionistos! Our favorite mass market retailer, Target, is launching Harajuku Mini by Gwen
Like Long's physician, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Associate Dean for Diversity
Will I have the same energy, drive and interest in my work? Is my baby going to miss me? These are just a few of the questions racing through my head as I prepare to return to what was once second nature -- work.
Recently, while thinking of my own grandfather, I began to wonder, what if you could take the best parts of an old school dad and merge them with the best parts of a new school dad.