Therapy balls, interactive games and stationary bikes that might help you or a loved one stay active.
"With a woman and mother as vice president, I had hoped we would get a seat at the table. I just never expected that seat to be at my kitchen table."
It would cost a lot of money. But there's a reason for that.
A proposed expansion of services for the elderly and people with disabilities faces major budget pressure.
A case study in how the pandemic has affected people with disabilities — and what could be done about it.
He recognizes that investing in the "care economy" can lift incomes and unleash productivity, just like traditional infrastructure projects do.
Women politicians have always paid attention. Now more of the men are, too.
The third part of his proposal shows a growing recognition that looking after children, the elderly and the sick is a critical part of the U.S. economy.
Millions of older people have shouldered extra duties feeding, caring for and educating their grandkids even as the coronavirus puts them at high risk.
These methods will help you practice self-care while being a caregiver for a parent with a terminal diagnosis.